Algebra 2 Midterm Exam Giant Review

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0:22 Write Numbers in Increasing Order
1:58 Unit Conversion
3:18 PEMDAS Order of Operations
4:38 Substitution and Order of Operations
5:38 Story Problem Slope Intercept Form
7:03 Eq. w/Fractions-Clearing Denominators & Distributive Prop.
9:17 Combined Rate Problem
11:02 Solve for a particular variable - rewrite equation
11:57 Write an Equation given a Table
13:04 Graphing Inequalities on a Number Line
14:37 Absolute Value Equations & Absolute Value Inequalities
17:36 Solving Compound Inequality
18:08 Domain, Range, Deciding if a Relation is a Function
19:59 Telling whether or not a function is Linear
20:39 Slope Problem - Solving for missing coordinate
21:41 Telling if Lines are Parallel or Perpendicular from Slopes
22:35 Graphing Line in Standard Form by Finding Intercepts
23:28 Writing Equations of Line in Slope Intercept Form y=mx+b
24:15 Writing Equation of Line in Point Slope Form y-y1=m(x-x1)
25:02 Writing Equation of Line in Standard Form Ax+By=C
26:26 Story Problem writing equation of a line
27:14 Direct Variation Story Problem y=ax
28:35 Given a Table determine if it shows Direct Variation or not
29:30 Graphing Absolute Value graph and 2 Inequality Graphs
31:42 Graph a Parabola Given Vertex & Directrix
32:48 Given Parabola in General Form Find Vertex, Sym., Y-int, Graph
34:32 Given Parabola in Vertex Form Find Vertex, Sym., Y-int, Graph
35:53 Given Parabola in Intercept Form Find x-int., Sym, Vertex, Graph
37:26 Vertical Motion Problem: Height, Time to hit the ground, Eq.
42:30 Factoring Trinomials, Difference of 2 Squares
44:27 Factor and Solve Using Zero Product Property
45:34 Finding Zeros of a Function
46:17 Simplifying Radicals 3 examples
48:26 Complex Numbers
49:27 Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square
51:03 Find the Discriminant & Tell the # of x-intercepts
52:00 Find the Equation of a Quadratic Given 3 points
53:05 Simplify Expressions Involving Negative and Zero Exponents
55:37 Dividing 2 Numbers in Scientific Notation
56:22 Polynomial: Name Degree, Leading Coefficient, End Behavior
58:48 Multiplying Binomials
1:00:00 Factor 2 Cubes, Quadratic Form, Grouping
1:02:49 Find Local Maximum and Zeros Using Graphing Calculator
1:04:12 Polynomial Long Division & Synthetic Division
1:06:26 List all Possible Rational Zeros Using Rational Root Thm.
1:07:15 Composition of Functions and Dividing Functions
1:08:47 Find the Inverse of a Function
1:09:27 Solve Radical Equation
1:10:36 Simplify Using Rational Exponents(Fractional Exponents)
1:11:33 Simplify Radical with variables (4th Root)
1:12:37 Solve Equation using nth-Roots
1:13:57 Exponential Equation Word Problem
1:15:38 Rewrite Logarithmic Equation in Exponential Form
1:16:13 Rewrite Exponential Equation in Logarithmic Form
1:16:33 Evaluate Logs - 2 examples
1:17:24 Find Domain & Range of a Log Equation
1:18:07 Expand Logarithms Example
1:18:57 Condense Logarithm Example
1:19:19 Evaluate a Log Using the Change of Base Formula
1:20:04 Solve Equation Using the 1 to 1 Property of Exponents
1:20:53 Solve Equation Using the 1 to 1 Property of Logarithms
1:22:28 Solve Exponential Equation Using Logarithms

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