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This is a course bundle which includes lifetime access to both the Huge ACT Math Review as well as the Huge SAT Math Review at an overall discounted price!

Before purchasing this bundle of 2 courses...Take a look at the 3 free preview lessons in each course to decide if these courses are right for you and then commit to apply yourself wholeheartedly. These courses are likely not suited for every student even though I put numerous hours, days and weeks putting them together and I personally feel are an excellent review of the important concepts. So, I ask that you preview the 3 free lessons in each course before purchasing. You will get a lot out of these 2 courses if you put the work in. The rest of the lessons will be in the same format. I'll see you in the video lessons!

  • This course can be used by individual students as well as classroom teachers that would like to present these topics as part of their classroom lessons or ACT & SAT math review.

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Mario DiBartolomeo
Mario DiBartolomeo

I have a high school math teaching degree, tutor math full time and have worked individually with hundreds of students. I help math students get from "I don't understand" to "this is easy!" Boost your scores quickly with the help of my many years of math tutoring experience.

Courses Included with Purchase

Huge ACT Math Review
65 Important Concepts Covered to Raise Your ACT Math Section Score!
Mario DiBartolomeo
Huge SAT Math Review
39 Concepts Covered to Raise Your Score on the New SAT Math Section!
Mario DiBartolomeo

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